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Creating Community Through Collaboration
18th Annual NAC&U Summer Institute
June 23–27, 2014
University of Redlands

NAC&U Summer Institute 2014:
Creating Community Through Collaboration

This year’s 2014 Summer Institute will focus on The New American Colleges and Universities’ (NAC&U) new initiative, the New American Academic Community (NAAC). NAAC provides unparalleled opportunities for students and faculty by fostering unique collaboration among NAC&U members. It is a creative and innovative way to realize the promise of consortial collaboration – which is often aspired to in the abstract but seldom realized in practice. NAAC’s operational assumption that "my student is your student" is the key to its success, for it enables members to leverage their collective assets to the benefit of all students, and thus all institutions. The Summer Institute will explore possibilities to enhance the educational experience through collaboration among NAC&U members, with campuses, and between campuses and their communities.

The University of Redlands is proud to host the 18th Annual New American Colleges and Universities Summer Institute, June 23–27, 2014. Participants will receive the benefits of three days of networking, professional development and engagement with issues and topics that affect all NAC&U members. This conference is open to all. We especially encourage student affairs personnel, honors directors, study abroad directors, faculty, and academic administrators to attend.

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